Friday, February 1, 2013

29 Faces

After looking from the sidelines at the previous 29 Faces challenges, I've decided to commit to participating in 29 Faces this time around. I've never participated in a daily type of challenge before, but I'm hoping it's okay if I don't post every day, as long as I do post 29 faces.  I'm really wanting to focus on faces right now, so the timing is perfect and I can always use a good motivational push.

I need to get out of my comfort zone, which is definitely drawing faces in pencil.  I like the control and the detail and subtle shading I can get with pencil, but I struggle when it comes to painting them, giving up that control and trying to create subtlety and depth with paint.

This first one is a pencil sketch (of course), but I'll definitely be stretching myself throughout the month!  Thank you Martha for hosting this wonderful event!



  1. She's beautiful, I love her expression. I look forward to seeing more for 29Faces!

  2. Oh Terri... so thrilled to see you on board... it is going to be a fun month I am sure... and love your first girl... she's a beauty...

    Jenny ♥

  3. You're off to a beautiful start! I look forward to seeing how you stretch yourself :)


  4. Hi Terri! I'm looking forward to see more of your faces! I took a look at some of your other art-work. I like it when there is some edge on it!

    Ilona X

  5. I just posted a comment and it went .... I don't know where ;-) So here I go again: welcome to the challenge! I love your drawing. And don't worry, you will have to get out of your comfort zone when you have to make a face every day!

  6. She's great Terri.... I love how she is looking off into the distance.

    Karen x

  7. Really nicely done - and good for you for stretching yourself! I'm doing a bit of that this month....but I think you are very brave to do 29 faces - best of luck!!!

  8. Oh, she is beautiful! It is awesome to find so many new people as I take on the challenge of the 29 Faces.

  9. Lovely!

    Good luck with completing 29 faces - it'd take me a month to complete 1!


  10. This is GORGEOUS! She's so pretty - I love her long hair too! Yay, I'm doing it too - although I've yet to post about it. I'll do that today (I think ;) - but I've done 3 so far :) That's exactly why I wanted to do it as well - to really stretch myself. Bravo, xoxo

  11. So glad you stopped by my blog! Where do I start in commenting on yours? WOW! LOVE the fabric album and the face using the planes is SO intriguing. Glad you decided to join the challenge too!


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