Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What I have to show for myself

Christmas decorating - that's the extent of what I have to show for myself. My studio looks like a bomb went off with all my overflow Christmas wrapping, gifts and Christmas art stash that I got out and spread all over my art table and have done nothing with. So, as a few friends have asked to see pictures, I thought I'd post some here since this is where any creative energy I've had time for has gone to lately.

I apologize right now for the quality of some of these photos - indoor photography is definitely not a strength of mine!

My Nutcracker tree

My Christmas village - it's pretty much hit it's critical mass as far as room for anything else - probably for the best!

Reindeer and vintage Christmas ornaments theme going on here...

I love this old seed spreader, it used to belong to someone very special to me who is very missed, and I love having it to remind me of him.

I'm very lucky to have the wonderful old red lantern below from him as well

I received these old Santa mugs for Christmas last year, so I just had to create a little hot cocoa tray with them.  It just makes me happy to look at it, and my husband is making good use out of it as well.

My rooster dressed up in a hat and scarf meant for a wine bottle.

The mantel in my bedroom

I hope you all are having a wonderful and sane Holiday season!