Friday, February 8, 2013

29 Faces #7

I made it through a week of a face a day - yeah!  This one is a sketch, that I then colored with pan pastels.  I think I like the sketch better before I colored it, as I tend to, but as I said when I started this, that's my comfort zone and I need to push myself.



  1. I love her and her hat!!!!

    Karen x

  2. Oh Terri... I love her... and her hat makes her even more beautiful... have loved scrolling through your fabulous faces... and adore what you did in your plaster book... she is a stunner...

    Jenny ♥

  3. She looks like one classy chick! Great face, fab skin tone and I love the hat :)


  4. Your faces are fabulous! I like the colors that you added with the pan pastels.

  5. I agree with Deborah! Really beautiful work - and your faces rock.
    Oh, and yes, I still have the christmas album - just with some extra scribbles er, texture! xo

  6. Terri, I think this is beautiful! I love the colors you've chosen and your expert shading. I know how difficult this can be to do.

  7. This is lovely - I particularly love the area between the bottom of the nose and upper lip - I know that is a strange area to single out but it is an area that I struggle with - great job!


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