Monday, April 25, 2016

Flowers and Snow

I've done a couple more intricate flowers on my pharmacy ledger, gelli plated, plastered pages.  I'm really enjoying these right now, and anything that keeps me in the studio (or on the couch with pen in hand) I'll stick with for a while.  They take many hours, but they're very satisfying too

I combined these two with the one from my last post, and made a wall hanging from them - I sense more of these in my future.  I may have to dust the cobwebs off of my etsy store.


 So, for the snow.  We had a freakish storm here Friday, that left the mountains covered in snow.  We had an overnight stay in Lake Tahoe already planned, and we headed up Saturday in bright sun and got to see lots of beautiful snow.   Really lucky timing and a rare treat for us since we aren't usually willing to fight all the skiers that are usually on the road when there's snow.

Mario's new buddy....

The waterfalls in the area are bursting right now

Monday, April 4, 2016


Many months ago I bought a gelli plate, and used it once to make some backgrounds on pages from my old Prescription Ledger.  I enjoyed having the pages available as a base for pieces or in journals and had used them almost all up, so I decided to make a new batch.  This launched me into some inspiration - finally! 

This framed little ink drawing on a scrap of it was a birthday present for my Mom, and I liked it so much I just kept going.

This one below is just glued to cardboard, which is then glued to the back of a scrabble tile holder, with the tiles then glued on. (My husband brought me home the old scrabble game the day I was working on this from somewhere, and the tile holders are the EXACT width of my papers - serendipity).

My hand was sore after drawing this one, but I enjoy really detailed drawing sometimes - very Zen!