Sunday, August 18, 2013


Week before last I was on vacation (the annual Pismo Beach trip, I won't bore you with pictures that probably look just like they did last year).  So last week was back to work and real life, and I must say re-entry was a little rough.  But this weekend I've spent some therapeutic art time, and it's amazing what getting lost in creating art can do, isn't it?
This was done in my fabric journal, on a page covered in plaster, which is why you see some cracks, or what appear to be crazy wrinkles.  I got kinda crazy on this one, and had to make myself stop as I was reaching that point of diminishing returns where I was just making things worse.

This one below was a canvas board that I had previously done a collage on. I gesso'd over it and painted a couple layers of Aborbent Ground, a Golden product that I felt the need to buy at some point, and had never used. I just wanted to experiment with watercolors on it and see what it did. Definitely not the same as watercolor paper, but I think different effect than it would have been without it.