Monday, February 25, 2013

29 Faces #25

This is done in my fabric art journal, a project from a class I took from Kate Thompson at The Trodden Path.  I didn't feel like doing a full-on face like the ones I worked on over the weekend, but even though her face is tiny I spent so much time on it that I think it counts!  I was going for a look of total peace, hopefully I achieved something close.



  1. This is SO beautiful!! It reminds me of Opheila, one of my favorite images, xoxo

  2. Her face may be tiny but has a great impact! She's gorgeous and is a perfect reflection of what I look like when I'm sleeping (I wish!!). . .

  3. She's perfectly exquisite - I love everything about this - the colours, the composition, the background, the lace...... everything!!!

  4. Yes, peace and calm, you achieved it! Wonderful face, lovely artwork.


  5. I see her just giving herself up to the moment..... totally at peace and very beautiful.

    Karen x


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