Sunday, February 10, 2013

29 Faces #9 & #10

I decided to change things up a little and sculpt a face out of paper clay.  I enjoy doing this occasionally, and I find it fun to paint them too. And then I couldn't just photograph the face, so I had to add the hat and feathers and put it on this candlestick I've been saving for something. I actually like it this way I think, so it may become permanent.

This next one is just an exercise I was making myself do to try and loosen my grip on control. I just used a pen (gasp! no erasing!) and did a few quick swooshes.  I need to practice this kind of thing more, although I doubt I'll be posting much of it!


  1. I recognise the "#1" on #9. It came from a wine bottle....That is the coolest thing ever. Terri, I am so in awe of you and Mario. Still loving my wine table. I love this piece a lot.

  2. Wonderful!!!!!! Ilove the idea of sculpting with paper clay. I would love to have ago.

  3. Hi, dear Terri,
    I love your paper clay face. It is so stunning and is helping me to dream.
    Do you know the things, which are a key to another world. This is this face for me.
    Greetings and :)

  4. Hi Terri

    Your clay face is just perfect! So you!

    Well done for get 'loose' too with the your sketch. I've been trying to do this.... it's not easy ;)

    Karen x

  5. The face on the candlestick is fantastic - I love it - it's so expressive. I haven't blogged for about 4 weeks and I can't believe how much I've missed - I've been looking back on your posts and you've done some amazing work - the faces are beautiful - I particularly love face #6 - I felt drawn to her, and went back several times to have another look - I would happily have her on my wall - so, so beautiful.

  6. I love your sculpted face... Yes! do more! :)

  7. I love pens, no erasing...
    your sculpture is a joy to see!

  8. Now you listen here, young lady: You post those exercises in faces! Face exercises will make you young! And I think they are groovy!

  9. you are multi-talented! this is wonderful - quirky, eccentric and fabulous!! I like the addition of the hat and you're right - it should stay that way!

  10. Your paper clay face is amazing!! I've never tried anything like that - very cool!


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