Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Little Art, Early Halloween, and Design Inspiration

Very little art, would probably be a better description.  I've done a couple of pages in my fabric art journal, just playing around.  I've reached a point in this journal where I've done all of one page in each spread, but doing the opposite page is always difficult for me because I don't want them to take away from each other, my anal retentive nature wants them to coordinate. The page on the right below was such an attempt, although I don't think I really succeeded.  I should plan the two pages at the same time and do them together.  But I don't.

And since the weather has been surprisingly cool here lately, and since my next few weekends are booked up, I decided to decorate for Halloween early.  I figure if I don't have to have the air conditioner on while decorating for Halloween, I'm good!

I found a couple of these orange pillows at TJ Maxx and I just love them. They'll be perfect until I decorate for Christmas since they're not actually Halloweeny.

And now, a Canned Ham update!  We're finally going to be able to bring our new little 1962 vintage trailer home in a couple of weeks.  So my mind is spinning with what color I'll paint it, how I'll restore the inside etc.  So I found this little old French piece last weekend, and instantly new that this was going to be my design inspiration!  Not sure if I can actually customize the accent color for the outside to match this, but I'm gonna try!