Tuesday, February 26, 2013

29 Faces #26

This face is done on a piece of a page from my beloved 1917 prescription book.  The paper is so thick and wonderful, and I love the text, all the different handwriting from the different doctors. This is going into my fabric art journal.  I drew it, and then colored it with primarily Tim Holtz distress stain.  This was just plain fun, because I was just totally relaxed about it.


  1. Love the girl-gorgeous eyes! A prescription book - how cool is that?! I've been meaning to try the distress stains - guess you are forcing me to visit Hobby Lobby tomorrow . . .

  2. PX book! Fab . . . . LOVE the red!
    BTW, I swear, I just realized that tomorrow is the 28th~~~ I have 4 left . . . ugh. xoxo

  3. that's glorious. the face and the writing are perfect together, neither taking away from the other.

  4. Do you mean the Distress Stain pens? This is fab, love the face over the prescription book and that stunning hair!


  5. What a happy find that prescription book must have been!!!

    Beautiful face and gorgeous hair!!!!

    Karen x

  6. I just had to comment on this. What great colors. I love the eyes. And using this book page was genius.

  7. Nice - I really like this - just fun and pretty and GREAT! Nice job!


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