Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to Normal Life

I'm exhausted, but so glad I participated in Roses and Rust. I met some wonderful, really supportive people, and some of them even bought my art!  Here are some pictures of my booth, as promised. There was some extra space to spill out of my 10'x10' assigned area, which was nice, especially since I was selling some larger, non-art vintagey pieces as well.

I may be taking a bit of an art break, just to focus on some other things for a bit, or just do some art journaling, which I've missed. But I'll still be checking in on all my favorite blogs regularly... And thanks so much to my blog friends for all your support while I prepared for this show - it meant a lot!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

King Brownie

I challenged my significantly talented significant other to make a robot out of all salvaged items from my stash or that he could find, and only told him I wanted to use this old Brownie camera as the body. He took it and ran with it, and here's what he made. His head swivels, and his arms move.  It turned out better than I could even have imagined...

Also, I realized I'd never posted this piece I finished last week. It's a sister to a piece I'd made earlier, although that one was smaller and had a different kind of old ceiling tin as the center. This is one of the larger pieces I'm taking to the show, at 2' x 2'.

Couldn't resist using another larger Frozen Charlotte head...

I love the old brass 5 I used in the corner - it was pretty hard to give up...

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Must Share...

My Oh-so-talented friend Val - seamstress, knitter and all around crafter extraordinaire - is making some darling little figures for me to sell at my upcoming show.  I think they're the perfect addition, smaller than my work so it will help balance out my offerings.  She sent me a picture of a few of them and I just have to share.

She's making some that are just the heads and hats as ornaments to hang, and some itty bitty ones that will be pins (the tiny ones are ridiculously cute). 

She just created a blog recently, wool-wine-n-wieners - if you love Dachshunds, knitting/felting, wine and overall crafting keep an eye on her blog as it develops - it's gonna be fun!