Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Nostalgia and a little Brightening of Canned Ham

I have no art to show for myself (I'm not sure I should be considering this an art blog anymore!) but I wanted to share a couple of images in keeping with the Christmas season, and a few canned ham progress pics.   The Santa and Reindeer above in the window of my house is a new, very old find, that I was really excited about.  I'm guessing it's from the 30's or 40's, and came in it's original box with it's crumbling, yellowed instructions.  It's meant to be on a lawn, but there was no way we were risking it out there, so my husband had the idea of hanging it in the window and creating "clouds" to cover the plastic wedges that are supposed to go into the lawn.  I just love it.

The Santa above was a recent gift from a friend - she had been in a thrift store and the owner had acquired a box she was disappointed to find was just full of "old Christmas things" and was selling them for next to nothing - my friend paid $1 for this cutie!

 As far as the trailer, we've been working on it weather permitting - so not much.  It seems the rain has been waiting for weekends lately - normally I'd love nothing more than a rainy weekend, but now it's just frustrating!  I've been getting some painting done though, all that wood is slowly disappearing and it's starting to look lighter and brighter in there. 

 The blue below is the tarp covering our still missing front window.

      I want to wish all of my blog friends a wonderful holiday season - I'm sure it's flying by for you as it is for me, so slow down when you can and enjoy it while it lasts!!