Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

It's actually been raining here on and off this weekend, so I decided to give my sore body a break (see previous post.  And an update, I'm starting to care about my sore wrist!) and spend some time painting.  And in honor of Easter I decided to paint a rabbit. I've saved a postcard with a wonderful old rabbit on it and decided to use it as my inspiration. 

I hope everyone out there is having (or had) a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Distraction

My art habit has been in serious decline since the Spring weather hit, which it has done with a vengeance. With the longer days, and this being our first Spring in this house and lots of projects in mind I've become pretty focused on outdoor projects (actually my husband used the word "relentless" last weekend, lovingly I'm sure).  I'm covered in cuts and bruises, and have managed to injure my shoulder and wrist, but I don't even care. 

In the meantime I've done just a few things, a couple of sketches in my little Kraft paper journal. I love the clown below, I drew it from a picture of an actual clown doll. And the one below it is the face detail of an old Punch marionette.

I did some spray stencils on a page from one of my journals ages ago and ran across it and decided I needed to finish it.  I hadn't collaged in a while, it was quick and fun.

In my last post I showed the below pastel I'd done on an old French paper, and mentioned that I'd reworked it some afterwards. Someone mentioned they'd like to see the "after", which is below. I have to say that when I was doing it the changes seemed much more dramatic than they appear here. But I was happier with it so that's what counts!