Monday, October 13, 2014

Stage Play

  I had some fun last week trying my hand at doing a couple of the old French puppets from my last post in pastels. I realized that the paper I used fits perfectly behind the opening of the little stage that came with them, so for now that's where it's going (I've since toned down the green background some).  We actually found a somewhat inconspicuous spot in our little house to hang the stage - it required a little art re-arranging but worked out fine and we'll be able to enjoy it. My husband is quite amused at how entertained I'm keeping myself with these puppets, but even he has admitted he's succumbed to their charms. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Puppet Love

Quick sketch of one of my new puppets - haven't quite figured out what his character is!
I have a thing about puppets, not new stuffed animal ones that you mess with your dog's head with, but ones with history, or that are works of art.  Puppets, marionettes, anything in that realm.  So when I saw these old French hand puppets at an antique fair recently, I fell in love.  Especially since they came with a little theater. Apparently Guignol in France was similar to Punch and Judy in England (and probably scarred as many children - when my Father saw these I discovered that he was one of them, having grown up in England).  I don't know the exact history of these or if they originally came with the stage, but I just love them.  I sense more puppet-based art forthcoming!