Monday, November 14, 2016

Murphys and some progress

 We recently spent a weekend with two other couples at an amazing place in Murphy's - an old gold-mining town in the foothills of Northern California.  They have a Day of the Dead festival every year and we decided to go and check it out.  It's a beautiful part of the state, especially at this time of year, with lots of wineries and little shops. Unfortunately my husband was taking the pics of the actual festival, but I took pics of the property we were staying on, so I thought I'd share a few of them.

My hubbie on the back porch.

There are amazing historic buildings on the property - this is an old Wells Fargo stage stop/post office.

This charming little building is used partly as an art studio.  She allows artists to set up on her property for plein air painting workshops.  Occasionally we'd come upon individuals unexpectedly as they were painting.

This was our own Day of the Dead altar, an homage to our departed loved ones.  The town was full of them - one business had one set for Prince, and was blasting his music.

As far as the trailer, we've been making steady progress, although most of it not photo worthy as it's on the roof. Next weekend is our drop-dead time for having the top on and it being all water tight, as once the Holidays come things will just be too crazy.  But I've been finding time to do some painting inside, and have new upholstery in the works.

We finally through brute force and a screwdriver wrested the clock from the wall, and of course there's a massive hole behind it.  I shall be getting a new clock!  Oh, and as you may notice, you can no longer see sky through the ceiling!

This is one of the drawers of the lower kitchen area, in progress.

Slowly but surely....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my American friends, as I doubt I'll have a chance to post again before then.  Can you believe it's that time already?