Thursday, February 28, 2013

29 Faces #27-#29 - The End!

I have mixed feelings about 29 Faces being over - it's been such a great experience, I've learned a lot and found some wonderful blogs.  And it's been a good discipline habit for me too, we'll see how well I keep it up.  It'll be a relief too, for my husband as well who's feeling a little like a 29 faces widow!
This one is my second attempt at painting with oils - I posted this drawing earlier in the week and it was done on a canvas board instead of paper, which made it a completely different experience because the paint stayed wet. I really enjoyed it, although I had pictured something with lots of distinct brush strokes, a little more abstract, but I found myself blending away.  I'm not sure I'm capable of not blending...

#28 & #29
The painting above took me two nights so I'm just out of time for my last two.  This is a drawing from one of my favorite photos that I did last year, of me holding my nephew Jake about 10 years ago. It seemed like a good way to end things.
THANK YOU Ayala Art, for hosting this wonderful event!


  1. Ooh, oils! She's got such a soulful expression, she's beautiful. I need to catch up on your other faces!


  2. I love your beauty in oil! Yes the last 28 days are so fast. Enjoy March now.

  3. I agree - it's a beautiful way to end the challenge! YAY we did it!!! Whew . . . 29 faces widow is right - how funny. #27 takes my breath away - and makes me want to try oils! Thanks for the inspiration, xoxo!

  4. Hi Terri, Wow, just looked at all your 29 faces, truly amazing stuff. I really like all the faces you did for your fabric journal and i also think your oil faces are wonderful, but i love them all, oh yeah and the face you did with the metal bits and pieces in her hair, must have taken you ages. Your husband's got you back now!

  5. I've never tried oils but you are inspiring me to want to- So happy to have found your blog during the 29 faces challenge! CONGRATS on making it to the end!

  6. I feel exactly the same! Sad but relieved hahaha Mostly for the running-out-time feeling and posting on time every day! Last year we ran it 3 times and it was way too much :oP
    Your oils face is so sweet, pensive, gorgeous ♥
    Thank you very much for being part of the 29 faces challenge!

  7. Love your face with the oil paints Terri... she seems so deep in thought and the blending is wonderful... and gorgeous sketch of you with your nephew... yes... a fabulous way to end another fun 29 faces challenge...

    Jenny ♥

  8. I love that painting and i love the way you blended it. Great work! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  9. I love the way you ended the challenge although a smiling one of your '29 faces widow' might also have been fun!!!!

    I am amazed by your oil painting..... Her downward glance is so expressive and I think the colours are great too.

    Karen x

  10. Wow, the oil painting is beautiful - I love your shading - you've handled the paints so beautifully - and she has such a soulful expression. The drawing is great too - your nephew has such a cute little face - and you are looking at him with such love in your eyes - very sensitive and beautiful work. Now it's all finished you can spoil your hubby!

  11. Okay, you are amazing. You DID IT!
    You need these bound. When you look back in four years, you'll see all your progress, and your history, and the things you forgot you accomplished.

    I love both of these here. so much feeling.


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