Sunday, February 3, 2013

29 Faces - #2 & #3

Squeezing some time in, post Superbowl and pre Downton Abbey.  I did this drawing based on a picture of an actual art doll that I was intrigued by, I thought her face was so interesting.
I then re-drew her in my fabric art book, which I just got bound yesterday. I used paint, inks, graphite and charcoal. Her face turned out very differently, but I'm okay with it.  I'm going to rework areas, everything below her collar was done very quickly, but at a pace of a face a day, I figure that will have to be later!

I hear Downton Abbey calling!!


  1. Your painting on your fabric book looks fantastic. What a beautiful cover.

  2. I like your drawing very much! (i like the fine lines of pencils and the charcoal) But the painting on fabric turned out beautifully, it looks ancient somehow. Love to see more faces of yours :-)

  3. Ooh, what an interesting character! I really like that you painted this on fabric, it gives it a great effect.


  4. I really like her face. I think she is beautiful!

  5. i really like your style! painting on fabric adds so much texture and interest to the drawing.'s always nice to meet a fellow Downton Abbey fan :)

  6. Stunning.... I agree she does look ancient. I'm loving this book already :)

    I'm a Downton fan too :)

    I visited the house where it was filmed a couple of years ago with my BF .... it's wonderful :) it's about an hour or so from where I live...

    Karen x

  7. Very creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  8. You had me at fabric art book. swoon. I love her - and her fabulous attire! xoxo

  9. Oh, I totally get it!! But yay us for being brave and all :) AND this is the first time I'm seeing your faces - I love them AND that they are so You - so pretty and in your vintage colors & style. Fab! xoxo

  10. these are both wonderful!
    your art looks awesome on plaster fabric!


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