Wednesday, February 20, 2013

29 Faces #19, and my Fabric Journal

I've completed my first fabric journal, covers and all, so I thought I'd post it today, since the cover has a face on it.  I posted a picture of the cover a few weeks ago, but now it's all put together, very fun!  I have another fabric journal put together with a different, and very cool, binding technique, but no covers yet.
I worked last night on sculpting a paper clay face, but it needed to dry and be painted, so I couldn't post it yet... I was experimenting with something, so we'll see if I even do!




  1. OH WOW WOW WOW!!!! This is beyond gorgeous! :D XXX

  2. Dear Terri,
    I love your fabric journal. It looks gorgeous. The colors, the face ... hmmm so lovely!
    Maybe we can have a little look inside?

  3. What fabulous work - I love your use of lace for her hair and crown - it's just stunning with that background - and of course butterflies always do it for me! I covet this!

  4. Really really awesome.... I'm loving the rusty bits!

    Karen x

  5. Fabulous book. I am enjoying your faces too.


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