Saturday, February 9, 2013

29 Faces #8

This is an image transfer of the drawing I did for the last post. My plan was that once I got it into my fabric journal, I was going to paint it completely differently than I did the original. But once I got it transferred, I liked it so much the way it was, the aged softness of it, that I just couldn't get myself to paint it.  So I did some collage and soft color around it to bring out the cracked plaster.



  1. Oh Terri... I love her... and her softness... so beautiful on the plaster background... stunning page...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Hello, dear Terri!
    I love your faces with hats. But this one is a special one.
    This soft white colors, little shades of grey and the faboulos materials. She is amazing!
    I am trying too, to make such soft colors in my faces, but it
    dos´nt fit. So I will try it again.
    Sending greetings and hugs

  3. Terri I wish I could see this in 'real life' it looks so subtle and has an ethereal quality to it that I just love.

    Karen x

  4. this is wonderful!
    so fun that you took one beautiful piece to create another one. love your fabric journal!

  5. Bella! Bravo. AND I agree with you - sometimes the best is the simple solution :))) xoxo

  6. wait... that's an image transfer?!
    Okay, that's hard to do and you're a real pro.
    I'm calling you whenever I want to do a transfer.
    Starting with the three I've been saving for when I could call you.


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