Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fabric Book Cover

Well, the cover itself is wood, but it WILL be the cover of a fabric book.  I mentioned in a previous post that I'm taking a fabric art book class from Kate Thompson, but I'm still at the stage of collecting fabric for pages, and covering some of them in plaster (they're all over the house drying, hubby is only complaining mildly though, so far anyway).   I'm excited about this project, which is a big relief as I've had the artistic blahs for a little while now.  And it definitely takes excitement lately to get me to come home from a long day at work, on dark cold evenings, and get to work in my studio rather than just settling down on the couch for the evening. 

On a 6"x 8" piece of wood, graphite, charcoal, paint, ink, and a new product I found from Golden called fiber paste. It's the brown part on the bottom and lower sides, it's like thick wet paper mush.  Makes for great texture, I definitely need to experiment some more with it.

I incorporated some cheesecloth and a piece of antique lace, to tie it in with the rest of the book which will have some lace and fabric showing on the sides. And of course I couldn't resist that salvaged rusty metal piece on top.


  1. Absolutely fabulous! Loved catching up too - glad you found your art mojo again, xoxo!

  2. those blue eyes are pulling me in. I think I might be sucked into the netherworld. what a wonderful piece. fiber paste is really cool stuff, but I am so impatient with anything that doesn't dry right away!

  3. Well of course it would have to have something rusty on it!!!

    It looks stunning and I LOVE how you have used the lace. I'm happy you and your mojo are reunited!!!

    Karen x

  4. WONDERFUL! I love how you've used the lace, the face of your girl is amazing, and ooh, I like the look of fiber paste!

    Good to hear you're out of the creative blahs :)



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