Saturday, February 27, 2016


Well, I haven't really been having any adventures to speak of, but I made a piece with that as it's theme, which I figure is better than nothing.  This piece started out as the cardboard from this year's calendar.  I felt compelled to start collaging old text pages and maps on it and started having fun.

Lot of different elements and covered with layers of encaustic wax. This piece encompasses many of my favorite things to do - I just indulged myself.

I love this image of the ship I tore out of a very old and cover-less copy of Robinson Crusoe.

The rest are pages from my fabric journal, trying to get closer to finishing it (since I made a second one which is still languishing untouched without even a cover).

I had a birds with crowns day...

Claymore looking guilty, as he often does.

 It's not even March and Spring is here, it's crazy.  But it's giving me Spring fever and all of a sudden I want to be working outside and going for bike rides.  But I signed up for an online class with Gillian Lee, so hopefully that'll keep me motivated to spend time in my studio as well.