Thursday, February 21, 2013

29 Faces #21

I decided I needed a night off from my art desk, so tonight was a sketch in front of the TV night (caught up on the most recent episode of "Justified" - so good!).  I enjoy doing this, watching TV and sketching at the same time - whenever I look back down I see something new to work on, or an area that's off that I didn't notice before, and it keeps me pretty relaxed about it. Although I did plan for her to be much looser and more sketchy, not sure what happened, I guess since it didn't have my full focus I just did what came naturally.  


  1. I like her a lot - she looks contemplative. . .

  2. She's lovely - I can't believe you can sketch and watch TV at the same time - Ian gets exasperated with me being unable to follow plots when I'm concentrating fully, I doubt I'd keep up with even the simplest story lines if I was sketching too!
    I'm loving your faces, and I can't believe how productive you've been so far this year - you're putting me to shame!

  3. I love her Terri... her face is beautiful... and there is definitely something so relaxing about sketching... wonderful that you can draw whilst watching television...

    Jenny ♥

  4. She's beautiful Terri....

    Sketching and watching tv - I am impressed, especially as she turned out so gorgeously!

    Karen x

  5. You were multitasking! Beautiful face, you're excellent at doing eyes.



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