Thursday, August 14, 2014

What a relief...

To have finally created ANYTHING. I can't explain how hard it was for me to finally sit down to try, it's like I was away too long and lost my confidence, and I had absolutely no idea what I even wanted to work on. I kept procrastinating, finding new little projects around the house that needed my attention first, not to mention reading the newest Diana Gabaldon book (over 1200 pages). Last weekend I finally forced myself to sit down at my art desk. I grabbed a journal, glued down a few random pieces of paper and created a loose face out of pastels. And miraculously, I started enjoying it, losing myself in playing with the pastels, and it was such a relief.  The page is nothing special but it feels like a huge accomplishment for me.

Later I worked on drawing this face, from a magazine, detailed drawing is also something that I can lose myself in. But what cracks me up, and this has happened to me before, is that it wasn't until I downloaded this picture that I saw how crooked her eyes are, and don't even look at her ears.  It's just amazing how I could have stared at the page so long and not seen it til now - I find it to be an interesting phenomenon. I'll fix it tonight, but I thought what the heck, you can see the unadulterated version and chuckle.