Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exposing Myself

Do I know how to write an eye-catching post title or what?  But it's the truth - I'm consumed by an upcoming event that it going to make me feel very exposed.  There's a really cool vintage antique show twice a year for the last few years called "Roses and Rust" that's in my hometown, and I always go. It's getting to be pretty big-time, I see it written up in magazines quite often now.  There's always wonderful vintage goodies, and I've gotten a lot of my bits and pieces I use in my art there.  So I've been thinking for a while that if all the people going to this event love vintage, rusty types of things, wouldn't they maybe like art made with vintage rusty things?

So I finally screwed up my courage and sent in a vendor application along with pictures of my art, and was accepted.  It's coming up in October, so for a while now my head has been spinning with what to make, how on earth to price items, how to display them etc. And the biggie - what on earth will I do with all this art if nobody buys it?  I look at my dusty art journals and wonder if I should just be safely, happily working in them instead.  But of course my answer to myself is I'll never know unless I try, and I guess at worst my friends and family will be getting art for Christmas and Birthdays for some time to come...

This is my most recent creation - I think I'm through with my brief Rooster phase now...

At the top is my favorite section of ruler, from an old extendable one, that I've been holding on to for a long time, it was hard to let it go...

I decided the cows needed a fence...


  1. Congrats and being so brave and going for it!! Getting accepted to a show is so exciting and on the otherside stressful. You will do wonderfully. Your art is beautiful and everyone will love it. My best advice is to also have some little inexpensive things too like cards, or little paintings that are less expensive. People like to go home with something, but they sometimes have a smaller budget. They are happy to buy a print or a card or something like that if they can't afford a larger original. Good luck!!

  2. I agree with everything that Marji said!

    You will be brilliant and everyone will love your work... great idea to have some inexpensive things like cards/smaller pieces... the show sounds perfect for your art... and the people that accepted you obviously think so :)

    Perhaps you could get some little cards printed (do you know those little skinny?moos? ones - that crafters seem to have) with a link to your blog/email? They would be good to hand out.

    Your art is amazing, original and desirable.


  3. Oh Wow! This piece is will so sell! Expecting phots of your stall...which WILL look so classy. Great idea of Marji's to have prints /postcards of your pieces for people on small budgets too :D XXX

  4. This is fantastic Terri, and I love the ruler - I would have trouble letting go of that I know! I love how you've layered it, with the text showing through, and the wire just makes it - I love everything about it.
    Great news about your up-coming stall - I have sold a few pieces here and there, and have found my smaller canvases (quite often about 6"x4") tend to sell first - not only cheaper but I think people feel it will be easier to find a home for a smaller piece if they have limited wall space. I'm sure yours will be running out of the door whatever size they are though - I think they are all fabulous and as Karen says very 'desirable'!

  5. Way to go! Just getting up the courage to apply is a huge victory, and then to be accepted is fantastic. I love your roosters and cows and all that gorgeous old handwriting underneath. Your ruler found the perfect home, it works so well on this piece.

  6. I'd buy it! Well done you for being so brave and applying for the show. I agree with everything that's been said above. GOOD LUCK with getting it all together!


  7. "My brief rooster phase" !!! LOVE that! AND LOVE that you are putting yourself out there - something I have yet to even try ;)
    This is just gorgeous - and I KNOW they will be a big hit - sorry, you're gonna have to do Black Friday for Christmas gifts like the rest of us, tee he! xoxo

  8. OMG, this is a GREAT idea! Congrats to you. I'm glad you're following your goals and reaching out!

    I love these images. I bet your vendor table is awesome.

    I'm going to a vintage event in October in SLO. Is this the one you mean? I don't think you live in that area, but I forget things so easily.

    Best to you in this endeavor. I look forward to hearing how it goes!


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