Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to the Art

My hands are looking more like normal again - paint, ink and wax spattered.  But it felt good to get back to creating something.  I took some art materials with me on vacation, but as usual I didn't touch them.  I always imagine that I'll want to sit and look reflectively at the scenery and sketch, but it never happens. I'm usually too deep into a good book when I'm on vacation.

This is on a 2" thick canvas, not sure why I didn't take a picture from the side, I like how the sides turned out.  Lots of layers, collage materials, and wax. Can you see the face?


  1. Lovely, lovely work - I love chickens/cockerels and these are so beautiful and subtle. I think I see a face in the top right corner. I love your textures and patterns, and of course, your metal bits and bobs!
    I never get art done on holiday either - I have this romantic image of me on holiday in front of an easel wearing a long floaty dress and painting a beautiful scene! This would never happen as I don't own an easel or a long floaty dress - but I like to dream!

  2. Fabulous! I thought I saw the face in the lower left. Probably won't be able to tell until I see it in person.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous Terri... I love the softness of the colors... and just loved looking at your vacation pics... I'm heading to the beach soon... and after seeing your wonderful photos... I seriously can't wait... sounds like you had a fabulous time...

    Jenny x

  4. I love it Terri....

    I thought I could see two faces... one in the top right at first (like Diana) and then slap bang in the middle....

    I'm glad your hands are 'back to normal' !!!!


  5. So good to see you back arting! I love what you've done here.

    The face I can see is top right!


  6. Your artwork is truly incredible. I love it here at your blog and will definitely be back. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. I can't see the face ;( BUT I can see the beauty! Another gorgeous piece!
    And I totally agree - the only way to want to do art on your vacation is to NOT bring your supplies. Then of course you would want to do what you can't without them . . . the muse is so fickle! xoxo


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