Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Butterfly Diptych

I love the word "diptych", it's an ancient word, and now I finally have an excuse to use it. I found a couple of old brass hingey things at a salvage yard, and immediately visualized using them to make a diptych.  What did NOT immediately come to me, was what the diptych would actually be of. I wasn't feeling inspired until I was playing with the hinge and a couple of wood panels, and suddenly I saw the center hinge as a butterfly body and I was off and running...

I have one more hinge, so now I need to come up with a different butterfly....

I've been working on making cards too, after everyone's good advice about having smaller things for sale at my show coming up in October. It's been taking me back to my early days a few years ago when I started this whole mixed media thing... I need to be able to make them relatively quickly though in order to have it be worth it to sell them affordably, but I always find myself getting sucked into the details and losing complete track of time. I'm definitely not good at mass production!


  1. Oh My Goodness, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to look up what diptych means because it is a word that I now feel I should be using on a regular basis :)

    Stunning artwork, how big is it?


  2. Hi Terri

    Of course a butterfly is the perfect idea for a diptych and yours is oh SO pretty. I love the wooden panels and I LOVE the hinge ... I want to rub it!!!

    I love the word 'triptych' ....I love the religious ones with all the gold on them, beautiful.

    You are a 'ooak' - one of a kind :)

    Good luck with all your makings for the show.


  3. What a magnificent idea with the butterfly diptych. Gorgeous effect on woodpaneel.

  4. love it! especially now, that I am in this butterfly phase.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - that hinge is totally perfect for the butterfly - I just love how you use all your wonderful bits and pieces - so innovative! I'm drooling at that butterfly!


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