Monday, August 13, 2012

Is It Wrong to Deface a Globe?

It felt kinda wrong, but I did it anyway.  Admittedly it's kinda old but not an expensive one, and as I first touched a paintbrush to it I kind of held my breath to see if the globe police were going to descend on me.  But they didn't, so I just kept playing. I've had this a while with the intention of doing something with it, but I found it particularly difficult to figure out WHAT to do...I'd sit with it in front of me as I relaxed in front of the TV, just looking at it occasionally hoping to be inspired.  I finally just started - just put paint on it and followed my instinct, and this is where it ended up.  I think I like it....

I did something which felt pretty brave - I put a layer of wax all over it. You can't really tell in the picture, but it really adds a lot, I'm glad I did it, but what an adventure. One of those situations where the more you try to fix it, the worse it gets, with rivulets of wax running everywhere. But eventually, with only a few burned fingers, I managed it.

This is another piece that I'd started last Sunday during my art marathon, got it finished and waxed yesterday...Unfortunately there's a lot of glare from the wax.... Playing with texture...

And because this picture was in with these art ones I downloaded, and you're so good about indulging my occasional dog pictures, here are all my boys lazing around together in the heat...


  1. Phew! I couldn't have done that, but the end result is fabulous :D The waxworks is gorgeous, and so are your snuggly pets :D XXX

  2. Wonderful! Love what you've done, you globe-defacer you! The textures and colours of your other piece are fab.

    Your boys looked very chilled out :)


  3. the globe police. lol. glad they didn't come after you because that's fantastic.

  4. They both turned out great -- I knew they would! (Not all of your boys; the two-legged one is missing. . .) jp

  5. Hi.... What!? How did I manage to miss this post?

    I love what you have done to the Globe.... I know how you feel... I feel so bad tearing up books.... but it can't be bad when it looks so good :)

    Love the second piece too... it looks kind of leathery and old.

    Your 'boys' look sweet.... and like they are trying to keep cool.

    Hope everything is going well for your exhbition.... I can't remember when it was, but best of luck.

    Have a great weekend

    Love Karenxxxx

  6. Okay, so this has got to be one of THE coolest things I've seen yet! Absolutely Brilliant! LOVE love love!!! AND your babies are so cute! Is that your cat too? My cat looked just like her (or him ;) xoxo!

  7. Hi there!
    Oh no, I agree! It would be really tough to part with it!!
    Thanks for the info and I hope you're having a great week :)))) xoxo!

  8. I can't stand it!! This is SO groovy I can't even say how groovy it is. I just love it that you defied the globe police to make this beauty. But those flowers.... get out. I'm not kidding. These are really pretty and yummy and vintagey and luscious. How did things go?

    oh, and the animals? SWEET!

  9. Wow, that globe is terrific - I've got a thing about globes and have just taken some photos of a beautiful old one in a museum we recently went to. I think the globe police will be letting you off on this occasion as it is simply gorgeous.
    Your second piece looks like embossed leather - so clever and beautiful - ever thought about teaching on-line workshops? - you really should - I'd enroll!
    Love your boys too!


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