Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letting my crazy out to play...

I gave myself pretty much all day Sunday as an art day. I've had all these half-baked ideas spinning around in my head, various pieces and parts that I've wanted to do something with. I want to have more than just wall art at the upcoming show I'm in, plus some smaller affordable things (thanks for everyone's wonderful support and advice on this topic!).  So I pulled a bunch of stuff out of their various cubbies, and stared at everything, and let my brain stew for awhile.  A couple hours later there was utter chaos in the room my studio is - things laid out everywhere, glue drying, wax drying, plaster drying, power tools being wielded by my oh-so-handy man. I think the dogs were afraid to come in at that point. 

This is an old rusty film tin. The bottom of the tin has a layer of wax over the bug paper, and the skull has been dipped in wax several times.  It's attached to the bottom by a spring, so it comes up to the level of the top of the tin and kind of bounces around when you move it. I love it!

I've had this heavy, yellow, horn-like thing for quite a while. No idea what it was from, but I decided it was finally time to do something with it.... And a confession, I have a pretty serious thing about croquet balls...

Now, when I said in the title that I let my crazy out to play, this piece is where it really shows. I can't tell you what it is, except an assemblage of things I really love.

It's made from an old porcelain wall soap/toothbrush holder, an old cork fishing buoy, mystery hardware, a number from an old cash register, and this precious tiny little pulley that I'm not sure I can actually give up... It's probably too weird to sell anyway, so I guess I'll just have to keep it!

The other things I started I'm still working on.... I've discovered how much I like to have multiple things started. When I get home from work, it's so hard for me to start a project - the beginnging, the thinking and looking through all my stuff is what takes most of my time and energy. But coming home and just sitting down to a work in progress - that I have no trouble doing - that's the fun part. It's a good lesson learned...


  1. Fabulous "stuff" Terri:D The last item would be what they used to call a "conversation piece", something so unusual it invites discussion :D XXX

  2. I think your horn-like thing made a wonderful bit of beauty. I love how the lavender looks in it ;-)

  3. Your 'inner crazy' had fun.

    What wonderful projects.

    I love how you put things together... I especially like the 'horn like' thing! What a wonderful colour.

    I visit a gallery close to where I live.... they have the most wonderful small boats made out of 'bits'.... the man that makes them only uses things that he 'finds' never anything newly bought and he never alters the size of what he finds.. he uses old pencil stubs for funnels, bits of old tape measures... old bolts and screws, its fun to look at them and see what he has used. The finished projects are amazing and they look so old and special.

    Apparently his wife hates going out with him as he is always looking at the floor and picking things up!!!


  4. Viva la crazy! Wonderful things here and one person's 'weird' is another person's "must-have", so don't give up - boldly embrace your crazy, it's gorgeous!

  5. I was in a wonderful antique/junk shop yesterday and thinking of you as I gazed at all the odd and interesting rusty bits. I love the pieces you've done - very cool!

  6. Yeah, you let that crazy out, girl!

    I love how you put stuff together, it looks so cool :)

  7. Wow - what a wonderful collection of pieces - I LOVE the yellow horn thing - and all the bits that made up your last piece - it's fabulous and so, so interesting - I would definitely have it on my coffee table! Stunning work as always - can't wait for the next time you let your crazy out to play!

  8. Where'd you get your Mystery Hardware?? I love it - really excited to see how you do at your show, I think pieces like these will fly out of your both! xoxo

  9. Oh, wow. This truly floats my boat. If I had a boat. I love your waxy skull!! (nothing personal). I LOVE that toothbrush holder thing that doesn't hold toothbrushes. It's so cool to alter things that you're not using any more and make them SING!!

    well, you're probably using your skull. I'm just saying.


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