Friday, May 29, 2015

Cracks and Blooms

I painted a face in my fabric journal - I particularly like the cracks in the plaster on this page, the combination of whatever plaster I used and the type of fabric I guess. The closeup makes me think of a mural on an ancient wall.

And I thought I'd include pics of a few of my favorite flowers blooming in my garden right now. Below is a new honeysuckle vine that I'm loving, as are the hummingbirds. I recently added an old rusty chandelier hanging from the center of the rusty metal arbor it's growing on, which you can see at the top of the picture if you enlarge it - it makes me happy!

I've always felt like fucshias are little miracles, each of the blooms. I love this one in my old enamel baby bathtub - by the heat of July it'll be miserable but I've been enjoying it for a couple of months now so it's been worth it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring!


  1. I LOVE the effect you got from the plaster on the fabric! ...and the honeysuckle is scrumptious...still waiting for mine to open :D XXX

  2. Oh I love the cracking on that dreamy portrait (don't like the cracking on my own visage, mind you!!).

    The flower pics are lovely - the honeysuckle is wonderful, I can almost smell it from here. The rusty arbor and chandelier are fab, I love me some rustiness :)


  3. It does remind me of a fresco. Very beautiful indeed! Your summer spaces look like a great place to rest in.

  4. Such an interesting effect..... great face:)

    Love your honeysuckle... it's so pretty. Love you chair on your porch too..... everything looks gorgeous. Looks like a wonderful place to rest and art!!!!!

    Karen x

  5. Wow, the face is beautiful and I love the crackle effect. Your little chair and the chandelier are gorgeous - what a lovely arbor you have there, and I love the striped cushion! Striped fabric looks so good in the garden I always think. Honeysuckle is one of my favourite scents, so I can just imaging sitting under your arbor with the scent of honeysuckle and a sketchbook - sounds like heaven!

  6. I really love that crackle texture, i just found an old bottle of crackle medium in my paints, after seeing this i may get it out and use it, thansk for the great inspiration!


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