Friday, May 1, 2015

Excuses excuses

Due to continued yard projects and being out of town, I've gotten NO art done, I'm ashamed to say.  But last weekend we went to the Monterey Peninsula for a couple of days, we stayed in Pacific Grove which is a charming little town just past Monterey itself right at the tip of the peninsula. We took our dogs, wandered around with them and ate at a couple of wonderful fish restaurants. All around had a wonderful and much-needed getaway. I thought I'd show a few pictures.

This is Pacific Grove along the water, SO pretty there when these flowers are in bloom.

Our very happy dogs!

We drove the famous 17 mile drive to Carmel, which goes through Pebble Beach golf course (our Bassett Hound said he could smell the money) and goes by the most decadent gorgeous mansions overlooking the coast.  That area of the coast is famous for the Cypress Trees, especially this one.

The town of Carmel itself is ridiculously charming, I think it must be a law there that every inch has to ooze character.  It turns out to also be full of crazy women obsessed with Bassett Hounds - wanting to get down on the ground and hold him, kiss him, groups of them posing with him.  We found ourselves ducking down alleys to avoid running into a few of them again!  Guinness, our other dog, was feeling pretty bad about himself by the end of the day!

Here's some pics of homes and shops in Carmel, to give you an idea if you've never been.

I plan on this becoming my art studio, haven't figured out how yet though.

You get the idea - it's almost charm overload!


  1. Those little houses look like they are from a fairytale ! Thank you so much for sharing! There are so many beautiful places in the world that I have never seen!

  2. Carmel looks like a Disney film set!

    Looks like you had a wonderful few days away with the 'boys' :)

    Now do some art!


  3. What gorgeous photos - we visited a long time ago, when my sister was out there - the 17 mile drive was breath-takingly lovely. Carmel reminds me of those plastic play sets that you can get for children - a little fantasty world that you build and then buy all the extra family members, the flower pots, window boxes and twiddly bits to add separately!! I just love it!! And Oh, how I wish my art studio looked like that! So glad you had a nice break and the dogs look like they really enjoyed it - I hope Guinness got extra cuddles!

  4. Carmel sounds and looks like a very special place......

    Your boys look so happy.... poor Guinness.... I'm sure you made it up to him :)

    Working in your yard is creative I'm sure :) You'll get to the art when you are ready I'm sure :)

    Karen x

  5. Oooooh, it's BEAUTIFUL there! I've been only once - and for one day (for an interview) and never got to actually see the town - but it's definitely on the list - especially now! It's so dreamy there . . . AND HOW CUTE are both puppies?! (all dogs are puppies to me) they are just adorable! xoxo


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