Friday, June 12, 2015

Time Passage

My friend Judy, who loves roaming antique stores as much as I do, found some wonderful old large photos of sites in Italy, with a fabric backing.  Knowing right away how much I'd love them she bought them for me, along with a wonderful old book, and I got a very exciting package in the mail.  I thought the least I could do was make her something with one of the photos, and this was the result. It's made on a piece of linen, with lots of plaster and layers. History and the passage of time are endlessly fascinating to me, and I love trying to express that in my art.

The glass in the watch face above is cracked, which I really liked because it just adds to the feel of that passage of time, the inevitable decay (that's for you Diana, you know who you are) even though decay often makes things more beautiful, to me at least.  I love imagining what life was like for these women in the photo.

This is a quick sketch I did from a photo in my little kraft paper journal, I'd like to do a painted version sometime.


  1. Wowzers, lady! You were given wonderful treasure to work with and you created an absolute gem! Fabulous composition, it tells such an interesting story and I love love love the portrait of the female face with her hair framing the photo.

    I keep on going back to look at it all.

    Bravo **applause**.


  2. Beautifully imagery Terri. Really liking the "aged" look :D XXX

  3. You never cease to amaze me. This is fabulous. I agree with Joanna - it tells such an interesting story; and I, too, love, love, love the flowing-haired signora. Judy will be thrilled (and me envious)! jlp

  4. Just stunning - I love the strong architectural images, the feeling of time passing by and the fragility of decay - so very evocative and very beautiful. You have an amazing talent for seeing beauty in your broken, rusted and tarnished treasures and bringing it out in an evocative and sensitive way - I really do love your work.

  5. I do love how you do things!!!

    Karen x


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