Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gardens and a Marionette

Last weekend my Mum was here for Mother's Day, and I took her on a garden tour that is put on every year in the "Fab Forties" in East Sacramento (mansions, Reagan lived there when he was governor) - or in the general area anyway.  Every year homeowners are nominated to open up their gardens for a tour that benefits a local school. Some are smaller homes, with more intimate gardens that I like just as much as the mansions, if not more.  Thought I'd share a few pics, since I only have one piece of art to share.

Playing with marionettes again, in watercolor

I've seen the front of these houses many times, as I used to live in the neighborhood (on the other side of the street that defines whether you're "Fab" or not!)  It was fun seeing the backyards of some for the first time.

 This was the home of an artist, whose property took up 4 lots.  There was his home, a winery, his studio and a guest house, full of gardens and his huge abstract metal sculptures.  This wisteria was massive, it covered two buildings, I couldn't believe the size of the base.

This is one of his sculptures that I really liked.

This house had a wonderful nook all set up with art supplies, art and globes, I wanted to just settle in!

Loved these shovels, wish I had the equipment to do it myself!

Absolutely gorgeous Dragonfly

I thought these ladder sculptures throughout the property were wonderfully whimsical.


  1. I love your painting and its inventive composition! That wisteria is amazing! It has a trunk like a tree! Really enjoyed the photo tour. What an amazing place!

  2. Love your marionette painting...and enjoyed your tour of the "posh house" very much :D XXX

  3. I like your playing with marionettes watercolour :)

    The garden tour looks interesting - how clever are those shovels?!


  4. I love your marionette - the composition is wonderful. What a great tour to go on - I am very nosy so would love mooching about other peoples gardens! The wisteria is amazing and must be so old to have become that large, and I love those shovels, what a creative idea. How the other half live eh - thanks so much for sharing your tour - I've really enjoyed it!

  5. I love the fingers on the hand holding the marionette.

    I do love to visit houses and gardens....loved seeing the one you went visited.

    Those shovels are so unusual :)

    Karen x


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