Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flower Girl

Not much to show for my weekend, art-wise anyway, but I did finish my WIP from last week.  I decided to give her flowers (obviously completely made up ones - don't be asking me for their Latin genus or anything!) on her head instead of hair - it seemed like more fun, and a good way to play with watercolors. There's white writing that can hardly be seen on this image along both sides of her face and neck that just says "Blossom" repeatedly.  I can see looking at it that she needs another green leaf somewhere - it's so screamingly obvious to me now that you'll have to excuse me while I go fix her!



  1. She's lovely! Sweet expression and I really like the flowers for hair.

    I'm sitting here trying to work out where the 'screamingly obvious' leaf is going to, it isn't screamingly obvious to me!!


  2. Hay!! When someone asks you the genus, just make stuff up! They don't know! Plus... it could be your own discovery of a new species!

    I love this as is.
    That leaf you added better have been small.

  3. Oh my, she is beautiful - those flowers are absolutely perfect. I was wondering what you were going to do with her last week, and you really couldn't have done better. A lovely, lovely painting!
    The butterflies on my bulb were printed on vellum by the way - I mirrored them and put them back to back with permanent spray adhesive and then cut them out - it was messy to say the least and it took about two days for me to get the spray adhesive completely off me and my desk!

  4. Such a contemplative face, I wonder what she is thinking. Perhaps she is pondering the latin names of the flowers in her hair? :)

  5. haha! SO true - how funny that we can see things that we didn't before when it's up and in print! BUT I LOVE her - and her made up flowers! She's sweet and serene - and colorful! xoxo

  6. Isn't she gorgeous... I love her little leaf tendrils of hair :)

    Karen x


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