Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lake Tahoe

For those of you desperately trying to find a lake in this little watercolor, rest assured that I'm not under the illusion that one is there - I'm just throwing this in before we get to the good stuff.  I bought a watercolor book by John Lovett and this is the first exercise I've tried. I didn't have much hope for it along the way, but it kind of came together at the end.
Now, as promised, Lake Tahoe.  We bought a Groupon for a cruise of the lake - last year, half price, promptly forgot about it and almost let it expire.  We only live about an hour and a half away, but we just don't go there enough - a conclusion that we always come to on the occasions that we DO go.  It's truly a beautiful lake - the only one I've ever personally seen that can compete is Lake Como (breathtaking even if it weren't in Italy).
From the observation area overlooking Emerald Bay
 Mario in our hard-won spot on the top deck  

 The water is so amazingly clear

Someone's summer home in Emerald Bay from back in the day



  1. Wow. Wowwowwow. I love Lake Tahoe! And you've done justice to its beauty, as much as possible when not there in person! I love that watercolor.

  2. What a gorgeous little watercolour - beautifully composed and definitely crying out to be framed! Lake Tahoe is stunning - aren't you lucky living an hour or so away from it - and that is my perfect dream house - I'm sure living there would help my creativity each day!!!

  3. You paint so beautifully and your photographs of the lake are gorgeous, what a lovely place to live so near to. it looks so peaceful!

  4. I love your watercolour... it's so pretty.

    Stunning photographs too - what a summer house that would be to have!

    Karen x


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