Thursday, May 23, 2013

Live in the work of your own making...

I was just playing in one of my art journals, and had the masochistic idea to create a portrait with oil pastels after the rest of the page was already done.  I don't highly recommend doing this over a dark background like this, especially on a highly textured page, but I persevered.  Her hair is done with an Inktense pencil, I didn't have it in me to try doing that with oil pastels also.  She looks highly skeptical of something, to me.

The quote says "live in the work of your own making, not that of others" -  from Robert Genn who I get words of wisdom from in his weekly artist newletter e-mails.  It had struck me as very wise...


  1. She has wonderful character and a sense of whimsy to her. So glad to have discovered your lovely blog!


    Foxglove Hollow

  2. Okay, this is gorgeous. A triumph! And well worth the had work you put into it.
    I may have to try this...

  3. I LOVE her expression!!!

    Great quote too..... it's good to be back - thanks!

    Karen x

  4. Beautiful - I LOVE her expression too! You've made it look effortless - she's stunning!

  5. She is lovely! You have achieved a beautifully soft tone with this portrait - and I love her expression. She is judging you, haha!


  6. Beautiful - I cannot put my finger on her expression but it is as if I know her.


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