Sunday, April 28, 2013

Personality Play Date

As I was downloading the pictures for this post, which represent the last week or so of work, I just started laughing because it looks like I invited all my multiple personalities over for a play date, and we all worked on something completely different. Is it possible to get yourself too inspired, to want to do too many things simultaneously?   I think it is, and sometimes for me this results in paralysis where I just don't do anything, and sometimes it results in, well, this...

Attempts at painting looser, more spontaneously-

The rest of my personalities got together and voted to kick out whichever of my personalities made this one below, it's clearly disturbed.

Doing some more sketching and playing with watercolor in my little sketchbook

This one below is a WIP, clearly getting away from the loose, spontaneous thing. She took longer by far than any of the others, lots of layers building her face, and small detail work, and I still haven't decided where I'm going with her yet.  I think this kind of work is still my favorite, but I enjoyed the others as well.


  1. Beautiful, all of them - you have certainly been busy! I love the work in progress - the face is exquisitely painted and I can't wait to see what you do with her! The top one is very different, I love the colours and I'm always keen on bird images in art, so it is something I would definitely have on my wall! It's so interesting to see your different ways of working, and I love your description of 'different personalities'! A fabulous collection of work - love it!

  2. Haha, I'm loving ALL of your personalities!

    That last face is quite mesmerizing; she is so soulful, so thoughtful, so beautiful.


  3. I agree with Joanna! And this cracked me up - YESSSSS I agree - I'm trying SO hard to be looser and freer with my art - but I disagree with the crew about the little bow tied boy. He's a favorite! And your girl below is absolutely gorgeous!! xoxo

  4. I think your loose free painting/collage style is fabulous,in all its personalities! hard to say which is my favourite probably the bird and tree.

  5. Ha Ha you are funny!!! In a totally good way :)

    I especially love the top one... it's good to play, seems like you had fun!

    Karen x


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