Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texture Love....

I bought a piece of decorative old tin some time ago, not sure what I'd do with it, but I loved it. Then recently I ran across it again, so I decided to do something with it before it descended into the depths of my rarely seen stash again...  After significant pondering, I finally decided on a way to start the piece, often the hardest part for me... Once I get going instinct tends to take over...This is the one I was whining about having to actually WAIT DAYS for it to dry, a couple of weeks ago - patience is not one of my virtues!  

This is one of the bigger pieces I've done, and I did enjoy working on the larger size (although, I didn't have to do anything to the middle, admittedly!)  I'm learning as I experiment more with it how much I enjoy playing with texture...

Just wanted to share, since I couldn't post pictures of my Summer of Color challenge piece yet - since it WASN'T DRY enough last night to finish and photograph... 


  1. That's really cool, Terri. I love the little things imbedded in there. It begs to be seen up close.

  2. It is wonderful! I want to touch it!! :)

  3. **BIG L.O.V.E**!!

    Texture love indeed. The old tin sits perfectly in the middle of it.


  4. This is beautiful, like Karen and Elizabeth I'd like to see it up close and personal and I don't think I'd be able to resist rubbing it!

    The texture, details and cracks are amazing.

    Wishing you a speedy drying day :)


    ps thank you for your very helpful comment btw x

  5. That is a stunning piece Terri! Love the colours, the texture, the "reality" of the decorated tin panel(can't think of the right word, but there's something about pieces made from reclaimed stuff that makes me shudder with emotion). Well worth the wait :D XXX

  6. your art is very inspirational to me. very much so.
    i look at your work and i just try to figure out how you have it put together.

    i'm very envious of your textural work. amazing stuff to my eyes.


  7. Wow Terri, another stunning piece of work with fantastic textures - I love your eye for detail - all the little background bits are so interesting, it's definitely a piece to get tactile with.


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