Sunday, June 3, 2012

Patience - Or Lack Thereof

I spent the morning working on a piece that has a relatively thick layer of joint compound - and then came to a screeching halt as I realized it was going to have to dry for a long time - like a WHOLE day... this kind of thing just kills me.... so to pacify myself I decided to try doing a watercolor directly onto one of the pages from my old pharmacy book. Instant gratification here I come!

It was really fun, and I love the old text showing through. I'll be doing more of these... Maybe this will be my standard "something to do while being forced to wait for shit to dry" project....

This is a journal page I did using Joanna from Fiddlesnips blended paper background and image transfer tutorial from a series she's doing on the Gauche Alchemy blog. I love the vintage, worn look it gives.

Horrible picture though - this journal is too fat and doesn't open flat, impossible to get a good scan.

Joanna has some other tutorials I want to try, and I still want to start working on Amy's Steve's Artfire free lessons as well.  Sigh... this day job thing really gets in the way...


  1. I'm so glad you had a go at doing an image transfer - it looks great, and does have a wonderful vintage worn look :o)

    I'm loving the watercolour straight onto vintage paper - that's brave of you! She's gorgeous, and I like how the writing is showing through the paint too. Did you prep the paper in any way? I'm interested to see that the writing didn't run at all despite the use of watercolours.

    Maybe you can get back to your other project now - surely it's dry?!


  2. I don't know whether to curse you or thank you for introducing me to more great blogs and more great tutorials. okay - I'll thank you and curse the day job. your image transfer came out really cool.

  3. These are GREAT! I'm with you on the day job too, I guess we gotta keep it up until we win the lotto ;)

  4. I hope everything is dry now!!!!

    I love how the text is just peeping through on your portrait...and also how you have written across her (beautiful) face not just around the edges (brave!)

    Wonderful journal page......fat journals are difficult!!!

  5. These are brilliant Terri....and I am so with you on the "waiting for shit to dry" project :D XXX

  6. I actually love both of these. I like how layered they look. They're like mysteries.

    I usually work on several things at once so that while one is drying and another one is being torn up because I don't like it, there's another one that's dry and smiling at me.

    Yes, sometimes I have to have five things going at once.

  7. Oh wow, these are beautiful. What a great idea painting directly onto your pharmacy pages - I have a few old ledger pages but I'm a bit precious with them - perhaps I need to throw caution to the wind now and again - the effect you've achieved is beautiful.
    I just LOVE the second one - the ethereal effect is wonderful and the delicate colours are just perfect - image transfer gel is so great isn't it!

  8. Ooooh, I LOVE what you do when you're being impatient!! She is lovely, I adore her eyes and that hair! The colors really pop - AND I really like what you did with the tutorials - I need to catch up on so many of them too - well, maybe after Summer . . . xo!

  9. Love it! This is very inspirational to me. Both of them. And NOW I just *have to* start altering some of my old vintage fleemarket-books!! :)


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