Friday, June 8, 2012

"Studio" Reorganization - yet again...

So, my "studio" is a corner of our guest room/office, but I try to make the most of this.  It requires constant reorganization as I acquire new things (hey, maybe if I just stopped doing that, huh?)... A couple of weeks ago I was at a vintage/antique show, where I got a couple of old, rusty tool/tackle boxes for a great deal at the end of the day.  They're meant for decoration, but I put them to work!  I love anything with lots of cubbies for organization, plus they're relatively portable.  So since I spent most of a day organizing and filling them last weekend and have no art to show for it, I thought I'd show them to you...

I love how this one opens up...

This fishing tackle box has great adjustable spots on top for things like brads and nails and tiny things....

And since I LOVE seeing other people's studios and art areas, and seeing how they organize things, I thought I'd include a few pictures of my "corner", since my camera was out.... Admit it, just looking at it is making you claustrophobic...

And finally, I just had to share a couple of pictures of this fabulous hat my boyfriend bought for me at a garage sale!


  1. that tackle box just makes me drool. it's like porn for artists. thanks for the peek into your creative space. awesome hat.

  2. Ooh, I loved sneaking a peek into your art space - those old tool boxes are GORGEOUS!

    The hat is fantastic, well done to fabulous boyfriend for spotting that hat for you!

  3. Fantastic "share" Terri :D I love all your storage bits..mmmm..wonder if hubby has one of those tool boxes in the shed? :D XXX

  4. Your boxes are brilliant - so much nicer than the plastic alternatives.

    It's lovely seeing where you create..... no I don't feel claustrophobic at all just wishing I could come round to play..... darn that big pond!

    Your boyfriend sounds a real sweetie.... I remember you saying how he is a good fixer of things too :)

    Have a good weekend.....


  5. Gorgeous artwork and beautiful blog Terri... love the tackle box... and the shots of your studio... the hat is wonderful... what an awesome garage sale find...

    Jenny x

  6. Love those photos! To be quite honest, my crafty kitchen looks a lot worse. Your tool boxes are great; I have the more modern version made of plastic, not as pretty, but functional! Valerie

  7. Ohhhh, this is awesome! SO much fun to see - and I love all the little bits and pieces and the ways you have organized it. And what a sweet boyfriend ;0
    Oh! And I do see some room left to the right in that tackle box - so yeah, there's still room for buying more ;) xoxo

  8. Ooh, those tool boxes are fabulous (I am now coveting them!). I have loved looking round your work space and seeing where you create - it's fabulous, and your storage shelves are works of art in themselves! Your labels on the shelves are gorgous and I have a strong urge to rummage!
    I love the baseball cap - what a fantastic chap you have there!
    Thanks so much for the nosey around - it's been great!


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