Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've had this piece of burlap with white cracked plaster on it made for months...many months...not sure why I didn't do anything with it - what we're motivated to create and when is probably something of a mystery to most of us.  For some reason I decided to finally do something with it last weekend, then the rest of the weekend was a blur, as always happens when I dive into something...

I love working with cracked plaster - you can get such great texture, the color seeps into the cracks, and the more you rub color on and off the more beautiful the patina of the plaster becomes. And this old glass slide - I scored a beautiful box of these, they're from England from the 1920's, and apparently belonged to someone who traveled all over the world. I wish they'd had a way of writing the names of the places in them...

I did lots of digging through my metal stash, and ripped another page out of my 1917 Pharmacy ledger - it's a good thing it's really fat!  This project was probably an attempt to distract myself from the fact that one of our cars, which we thought was in the shop getting some work done that was under warranty, will now require $4,500 to fix, which it's not worth, so we now have to buy something new (to us anyway).  Is there much worse than having to spend a bunch of money on car problems??


  1. You have a style that is all your own and I love it!

    The colours are wonderful.... love the cracks.... what is burlap btw and did you add the plaster yourself?

    I love all the 'bits' you use especially the rusty ones... the slides are fun too

    Sorry to hear about your car.... they are a pain when they go wrong and expensive too :(


  2. I have to agree with Karen - I just love your style! This is a beautiful piece of work and I love the way you put things together - they all look like they were originally made just for that use!

    Regarding the Steampunk book - it's a lovely book with virtually no written word in it - if you want to look at beautiful and interesting pieces of art (several photos of same piece quite often) then it certainly offers that but very little info on the movement. I don't think it's worth the full retail price - I found mine on Amazon and it was half the price of the main high street book shops, which I felt was reasonable.
    Hope this is of some help to you - it's so difficult recommending something because we all have different expectations and reqirements!

    Good luck with finding a new vehicle - isn't it a real pain when something like that happens - I feel for you.

  3. that's gorgeous. now I completely want to go try something with plaster.

  4. Oh this is LUSH! The colours are wonderful, and the plaster cracks, and the rusty circle, and the slide etc etc. All very lovely.

  5. I just love this SOOO MUCH!! You have such a beautiful eye, you are such an inspiration, and those big cracks make me swoon! LOVE it, xoxo

  6. (I really love this so much!!!!)
    Thank you for your sweet comments, you are so kind and I really appreciate you! xoxo


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