Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am such an idiot. I finally finished my first Moleskine journal (it took me a LONG time, but in my own defense I did work on others at the same time), and for the final page I wrote "finished" in French, and managed to spell it wrong.  As I was putting the title on this post it suddenly ocurred to me that I might have, and I looked it up and sure enough... I don't know why I chose French, when I've actually studied Italian! Oh well - this doesn't even come close to the time when, after my first visit to the kitchen store Sur Le Table with several women, I pronounced Table just like it's pronounced in English.  I had no idea that the word is spelled the same in the two languages, but pronounced "Tob" in French.  I've never lived that one down...

Below are some of the final pages in the journal.  The scans turned out terrible because the journal is so fat now and right at the end.  And it's possible I may have rushed the pages just a bit, in my desire for the journal to be completed.... they aren't my best...


  1. YAY!! You've finished a Moleskine - how many have I started but never finished? I'm too embarrassed to say but the point I'm making is I've NEVER finished a Moleskine!! Congrats :o)

    I had a problem with a French word on something I did too - I made it masculine when it should have been feminine or vice versa, I can't remember. Never mind, eh. I'm sure you'll get over the shame just like I did.

    Sur le table, however, *snicker* ;D

  2. Also meant to say that I really like your pages!

  3. Not your best??? oh hush. these pages are wonderful. I'm drooling over the colors in the first one.
    and the agony of french - I have NO head or ear for french and reduce my friends and family to peels of laughter whenever I'm forced to try and pronounce something. It's like a little comedy service I provide.

  4. I really like the look of your journal pages..... me thinks you are being too hard on yourself :)

    I especially love the blue background on the first one and the one with the birds.

    I think we've all done something similar.... I am always getting things muddled up!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  5. These are really wonderful pages - I just love the blues and texture in the first pic and the birds in the sunset - it reminds me of one of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs 'bird on the wire'! I also love the neutrals in the last pic, with the flowers - such delicate colours. They are all just beautiful. I certainly wouldn't have known there was an error on the front and I wouldn't worry about it, it looks great as it is - I did French for three years at school and for quite a long time I didn't realise it was actually a way for people to communicate!

  6. sorry - I meant to say error on the back, not front!!

  7. Psst! (did you know that the next Art Journaling submission deadline is the 15TH?) You should SO enter with this beautiful book, creative French spelling and all ;) You are such a beautiful talent, xoxo!

  8. HI again!
    Yay, I am SO happy to hear that you're considering The Summer of Color! It is honestly so much fun to see what everyone creates using the same color prompts - and it's a really enthusiastic crowd - I know you'll have a blast! xoxo

  9. Fabulous pages!
    I frequently manage to spell beautiful without the u in my journal and then have to squeeze it in at the end!


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