Friday, April 13, 2012

Drippy, waxy fun

This is my most recent project, and it was so fun. I just totally indulged what I felt like doing, and didn't let myself think about if anyone else would like it, or worry about the end result. Sometimes I get so invested in the end result I don't end up enjoying the process (I know I'm not alone in this...)  I just used things I love - wonderful old pages with great handwriting, drippy paint, lots of wax, actual old paintbrushes and old hardware/metal pieces.  The center part actually does spin - I handed it to my boyfriend and asked him to make it happen, which he always does...

I love wax, how it allows what's under it to still show through, buts adds softness and mystery. I love how you can rub ink or paint over it, then wipe it off and how that brings out all the wonderful texture and imperfections. Or, as I did here, words or even carved designs can be brought out.  Voila!  Instant character....


  1. absolutely beautiful! and the fact that it spins makes it even more amazing. those drips! that wax! I love it.

  2. That's awesome, Terri. I particularly like the faint sun pattern in the background. I like how it grounds the piece.

  3. I totally love this piece. The wax does give such a warm feel... I love the gentle colours and the drips!

    How wonderful too that it spins and to have such a clever, helpful boyfriend :)

    I especially like that you used an old paint brush!

    Thank you for your comment btw...

    Have a lovely weekend


  4. It's fabulous Terri, I just love all of it. You have a great instinct for putting things together and they just work! I love the use of wax - it gives such a lovely soft look. A really stunning piece.

  5. Hi there! I found you through Missy k's site and am so happy that I did! Your work is brilliant and I love that this drippy waxy piece spins! So cool. Beautiful work and blog, Kristin xo

  6. Oh that's nice, Kristin has visited!!!!

    She is very talented and sweet.... I'm sure you will love her blog. She is hosting another 'Summer of Colour' this year..... it was so much fun last year - (details on her blog) and she is an amazing face drawer!

    Which is why I popped by, to say thank you for your words of encouragement in the face drawing department! I'll keep trying!


  7. I love it that your boyfriend always makes it happen! Do you ever say that thing that Picard used to say to that other guy on the bridge of the Enterprise, 'make it so, number one' ?

    Well, that's how I'm going to imagine it, anyway.

    THIS is lovely. Really very textural with lots of color, which I love as you know (from our long friendship and everything). I have never worked with wax. What kind of wax? I did make some crayon pats a la Traci Bunkers, but haven't melted them yet. I don't have an encaustic iron, either.

    Basically, I'm a failure.

    But you aren't!

  8. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment! I just love this so much . . . and my little Mommy was painted mainly with golden acrylic (buff and white) and watercolor crayons, often mixed with the white acrylic. I did use colored pencils and gel pens to enhance some of the strands too ;) Have a great weekend, xo

  9. Thank you :) I'll check out SB's class when I've finished the lettering ones!!!! You are so right about the shading.... I think it is the key!!!


  10. Awe, thank you for your sweet congratulations! I loved your piece in the last issue and think you should Definitely send this one in too . . . you have such an eye!
    Thank you for your time and happy Tuesday, xo


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