Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Art Journal Catch-up

I thought I'd share some of my more presentable art journal pages, I don't know why I don't post them as I do them...  I guess I'm lazy and like to scan them all at once, usually when I want to use a copy of a part of one in something else...

This is a birthday card I made for a friend. One advantage of almost no one I know being aware that I have a blog, is that it makes it possible for me to post cards and gifts I make...

And finally I have to share this link : http://now.msn.com/now/0328-dog-saves-life.aspx#scptmd.  I don't know if it's because I have a Basset Hound too, but it actually made me cry with laughter, and for my English friends, you'll be proud to know this was on your turf!


  1. I love the gentle colours of your journal pages... especially the one about not letting the birds of sadness nest in your hair :)

    Your friend is sure to love the card.

    I checked out the link. It made me smile! I liked the bit about his 'fat paw!' and his owner saying he's not normally so smart!

    I wonder why they sent (4) policemen and no mention of an ambulance!!!!! I'm glad there was a happy ending!!!!!

  2. Terri I think these pages are so pretty, warm (even with cool colors) and make me inspired to work on my journal again. Thank you!

  3. I love these journal pages - a beautiful use of colour - I especially love the red flowers and black bird, really stunning. I also love the words about the birds of sadness - the sort of words I wish I could write.

    Oh, and a great link about the dog - how clever is he - so glad it all ended happily.

  4. love that bird proverb. I think I need to post it prominently in my house. that whole spread is just fantastic. (and I saw that dog story earlier this week and it cracked me up too!)


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