Monday, June 19, 2017

Meet Lil Stella

Well, almost 6 weeks later, we got her back and it was worth the wait. They did such great work, made us a custom rock guard and some other things that were really above and beyond. Her name is Lil Stella, which is my two Grandmothers names, both of whom gave me such wonderful camping memories growing up. I thought I'd share a few pictures from my camping youth in dedication to them.

This is Grandma Stella fishing, which she loved so much (once my Grandpa managed to talk her into trying it!).  We usually camped at Eagle Lake, which has amazing trout. My younger brother and sister and I are below in our tent there.

 This is my Grandma Lil, with me and my sister Michelle in front of the Prowler.  So many happy memories camping all over California in that 5th Wheel with she and our Grandpa.

We're going camping next weekend, I'll post my final "after" pics then as I haven't had a chance to get the inside back in order. It's been well over a hundred degrees here for the last few days - it was like an oven in there.

I have almost no art to show for myself, although I did complete one necklace, below, and started more this past weekend. I used to make mosaics, and still have tubs of broken vintage dishes, and I had the idea to do a tiny mosaic inside of a bezel. 

We also were doing yard work in preparation for getting the trailer back, as our backyard had become a construction zone.

Here's the yard spruced up and ready for Lil Stella to come home.

And lastly, I'd been very focused on caring for our 11 year old Basset Hound Claymore, who most of you have seen before in prior posts.  He'd been rapidly declining for a while and we lost him a couple of weeks ago.  I don't need to say more about how hard it's been, any of you dog lovers out there understand, but I wanted to post a last picture of my precious boy, doing one of his favorite things.


  1. Oh Terri I am so sorry that you have lost your beautiful dog Claymore... I love the photo of him hanging out of the window looking so cool and content

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs of your family and your
    Lil Stella (s!)

    Your grandmother looks so beautifully happy and relaxed in the fishing photograph

    I love the idea of a '5th Wheel' and traveling around....

    Beautiful necklace too Terri.... the one you made me I have hanging up so I can see it (and smile) when I am not wearing it.

    100 degrees! Phew! We are having a heatwave as well... although I don't think we have quite reached triple figures (yet!) Although it feels like it to me. I just can't cope with the heat anymore.

    Hope you don't melt.


    I am looking forward to your next post already... you have worked so hard on Canned Ham ... now transformed to Lil Stella - she is looking amazing.


  2. What an amazing memorial to your Grandmothers...they must be so proud. Lil Stella is glowing with the love you have poured into her.
    Love the mosaic necklace idea...and so sorry about your pup. I have no doubt he will be riding with you in the canned ham on your travels...ears flapping joyfully XXX

  3. Isn't she looking spruce and shiny - all your hard work has paid off. I love the name and it's such a wonderful tribute to both your Grandmothers to name her after them - they gave you such happy memories, and I've really enjoyed seeing the photos of them. Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous, I love mosaics and have a jar of little pieces from plates I've broken - annoyingly I had a clear out a couple of years ago and threw a load out thinking I'd never use them - now I'm collecting them again thinking one day I will!!
    I was so so sorry to hear about your beautiful boy Claymore, my heart goes out to you, I know how terribly sad it can be to lose a beloved pet. Sending hugs to you,
    Diana x

  4. Oh, Terri. Lil Stella. Your post made me cry.

  5. Awe, I'm SO so sorry to hear about Claymore, I agree with Suzi above, such a loving, tender post. Your little Stella looks amazing by the way, just so beautiful xoxo


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