Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ready or Not - Vintage Trailer Rally

We signed up for a vintage trailer rally months ago (you have to sign up right away to even get into them) and we assumed we'd be all done by then.  Well, unforeseen issues and a very wet winter meant that up until the last minute we weren't even sure we'd be able to pull her, much less have her completely done.  But we'd paid our money and weren't getting it back, and I'm a stubborn girl, so we went.  We had the rock guard in front taped down so it wouldn't rattle around, and there are bungee cords around the propane tank, and clearly she needs a paint job - hubby said we looked distinctly Beverley Hillbillies, but I was still excited to actually be camping in her (in spite of the fact that we hooked the water up and it began pouring out from under the sink - no running water for us!)

A Vintage Trailer Rally is essentially a bunch of vintage trailer owners camping together, touring each other's trailers, and having events like potlucks, and in our case a Mexican street party with a Mariachi band, Food Trucks and a Pinata making contest. Everyone was SO nice, and so happy to offer info, and knowledge and talk about their trailers.

Many people have vintage vehicles as well.

This event took place near Bodega Bay, so we spent one day at the beach.

Mario can't resist meeting new dogs - especially such a handsome bulldog.

This was an amazing lion we saw on the way, and had to stop and take pictures.

We're taking canned ham to be painted Saturday - not sure how long they have to have her, but once it's all done I'll take some final "after" pics - I can't wait!


  1. Awesome!!! Have you named her yet? You can't just keep calling her "canned ham" lol A trip like that makes all the work so worth it :D XXX

  2. The whole thing just sounds wonderful.... and how great that everyone was so supportive and nice. It looks like such a beautiful area.... love that lion.

    omg those cars are amazing...

    excited to see 'Canned Ham' after her painting!

    btw love that awning...

    Karen x

  3. Wow, she's looking fabulous and that sounds like a great rally, with loads of fun things to do - we used to have an old VW Beetle and it was great going to rallies but they tended to be mainly full of stalls selling old car bits and very little else! I love the look of those old vintage cars - how cool are they!
    The beach looks beautiful and I love that lion - so glad you had a wonderful trip.

  4. That is SO cool! I'm sorry about the water! But what a cool experience - and I love that you wanted to go regardless! It all looks fab! xo


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