Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Final Canned Ham Post

I'm a terrible photographer, I forgot to take pictures while we were camping, except for this messy one. But you get the idea.... It was a lovely mountain spot, hotter than one wants to be while camping, but still fun. 

I took some inside shots after we got back, these'll be the last I subject you to!

Below is the French piece that was my color inspiration for the whole project.

My friend Val just made me some pillows for the trailer for my birthday, aren't they gorgeous?  The canvas fabric is made from the original hammocks that were used for she and her brother to sleep on when they were little. One was over the main bed and one over the table and they slid in and out. The fabric has aged wonderfully into a creamy yellow.

I needed to do something with the inside of the door, the wood had some water staining and I really didn't like the color. I was going to re-stain it and maybe stencil the same pattern from the pillows onto it somewhere, maybe in a bottom corner.

However Mario felt strongly that he would rather NOT have it stenciled, and we liked it so much better after it was just re-stained that I gave up that fight.

I did do some painting on the reclaimed wood step he'd made though, so that satisfied the urge to paint somewhat.

I also finished a couple of necklaces that I'd started a while back.

This one has a favorite picture of my Claymore, it's somehow comforting to wear him around my neck. I had done something to the picture in Photoshop called posterizing, and I loved how it came out.

 This one I made for my friend Val for HER birthday (we like to make each other gifts), from a copy of a painting I had made for her of her beloved dog that she had lost. I've made one of these for my Mom as well, I seem to be specializing in lost pet memorial necklaces lately.


  1. Squeeee.....! Oh I so want to live in that "canned Ham". The cushions are a perfect match, and it doesn't hurt to let the menfolk have there way "occasionally"lol. The necklaces are all just beautiful XXX

  2. Keep sharing your photos.... Canned Ham in different locations... please :)

    I love the cushions they are wonderful.... and the awning.... everything is perfect and you are going places and enjoying yourselves :)

    I love your beautiful necklaces... I adore mine and have it hanging where I can see it when I am not wearing it.

    Karen x

  3. Ooh I just love these pics of Canned Ham - those cushions are just wonderful, what a clever friend, and they so go with the style. I've just fallen in love with the luggage on the overhead shelf - just adorable - I sooooo want a caravan now!! I spent many happy caravaning holidays as a child although back in the sixties and seventies we didn't realise we were vintage!!!
    I love your pendant of Claymore, it's beautiful and very special, and I think the idea of pet memorial pieces is wonderful.
    Diana x

  4. I LOVE these photos!! I think you are so clever!! Living the dream!!

  5. PS the Claymore necklace is the Bomb!

  6. OK, THIS is amazing! Just stunning! I love the rusted / oxidized room divider and that sweet reclaimed wood shelf by your bed -AND your friend's pillows are so pretty. This is such a fabulous space! xoxo

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