Monday, April 10, 2017

Curtains and Faucet and Floor - Oh My!

It's been a productive couple of weekends on the Canned Ham front, at least in terms of work on the inside.  Electrical issues have prevented us from verifying we can actually pull it yet, however!  But - back to what I CAN control...  Last weekend curtains were finished and hung, and the new faucet installed. 

The curtains are all from old grain sacks, except the one over the sink, as it's too long, so I used the upholstery fabric there. The faucet - you wouldn't believe how exciting to have that installed!  The old one was a little nasty pitted thing that no longer turned, but we weren't sure we were going to be able to replace it. I had hopefully bought a replacement I loved, but was afraid I was dreaming. My poor hubby spent most of a weekend trying to remove the old one (crusted into place for more than 50 years) - by having to awkwardly reach underneath and around the sink where he couldn't see what he was doing, with his head shoved at a crazy angle against the counter. After multiple trips to Home Depot for different kinds of wrenches and lots of frustration, he finally got it off.  Then we had to figure out how to make the new one work.  When it was finally installed and water came out of it, I felt like crying with joy.

All that over this little thing, but I've never loved a faucet so much!  This last weekend, while my poor husband spent hours trying to figure out our electrical issue, I installed a new floor. Here's the original- pitted, cracked hideous old linoleum.

  And here's the after.  Not traditional for a vintage trailer, for sure, but then again that ship sailed long ago!  I love it, and it should hold up really well against dog nails etc.

During a rain break I was trying to get my studio a little organized, it was like a jewelry supply bomb went off in there.  I started thinking that it'd be nice to have a travel art kit to keep in the trailer, and I couldn't resist making it one with some character, as god knows I've got the supplies sitting around. I used the container from an old spice tin set - I just took out the little individual tins that I keep buttons and things in.  

  An old watercolor tin and a couple of old Lucky Strike cigarette tins fit perfectly.

It was fun to put together - we'll see if I actually use it!


  1. Whoot whoot!!!! Your both doing an amazing job...and the art kit looks so cool! :D XXX

  2. You too are a great team :)

    Your new tap or faucet (!) is lovely.... everything is looking gorgeous. Your traveling art kit made me smile..... yes, you will use it! I can see you now on a (vintage) blanket outside Canned Ham, paintbrush in hand :) What fun you will have :)

    Karen xxxx

  3. Oooooooooh!! WHAT a perfect place to play! I LOVE seeing it all come together - and love seeing your art supplies there, all in such beautiful containers. Bravo!!! xo

  4. Wow, it's looking fab and I love that tap/faucet - what a wonderful and patient hubby you have! Is it now at the stage you can sleep in it - even if it can't be moved yet, I would still have to spend a night in it! Oooh the excitement!!
    I am totally bowled over by your travel art kit and want one very badly! It won't be as gorgeous as yours and I know I'll never use it but oh my goodness, I'm living that lifestyle in my head now - along with the floaty, arty dress, the ethnic jewellry and the soft focus!!
    Diana x


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