Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Saga of the Seats

I think it was 2 posts ago that I said I was finally getting my seats from the trailer back from the upholsterer that day.  Then it was going to be the next day.  And then I couldn't get hold of him for over 3 WEEKS! He's been going through a lot of drama so at first I wasn't too worried, but then when he continued not returning calls I really started wondering if I'd ever see my seats again. I finally tracked down his home address and left a note on his door.  He called the next day and what a relief that was.  Another week of telling me every day that I'd get them the next day, he finally delivered them to my house last Friday.  What a relief, and he did such a good job too, I gotta say I was worried the right fabric would even be on them at that point!

Below is what they looked like before - I kept them the same style, with the combination of leather and fabric, but I can honestly say I don't miss that orange and brown!

We also replaced the paneling next to the seats in front (under the big window in the top picture) with one of the aluminum panels we replaced from the top of the trailer. We turned it around and used the back of it and I really like how it turned out.

From that same piece of old aluminum I had Mario cut out the original faded Aloha logo. That's the brand of this trailer - the company was originally located in Aloha Oregon. I decided to frame it along with the original receipt for the trailer from 1962 and a picture of my friend Val and her brother in front of the trailer and their old car when they were little - such a precious picture. I covered the frame in leftover wood from the inside paneling I did and will hang it in there. I just love having this history of our trailer.


  1. Oh wow Terri!!! What an awesome job you have done...love the way you have captured such lovely memories :D XXX

  2. I love what you've had done with the seats (finally)... poor you I can see how you thought you might never see them again.

    I think its great how you kept close to the original style but have made them so 'now' and so 'you'

    Your OH is great.... I can tell you make a great team :)

    I love how you kept the logo and the special memories and framed them.

    Looking forward to the next phase :)

    Karen x

  3. sososososo fabulous!!! I love that new fabric and loveeeee seeing it come along! Aloha! xoxo

  4. Oh that fabric - I love it! It reminds me of deckchairs on the beach and summer holidays - so perfect for your caravan, and thank goodness your upholsterer turned out to be great at his job albeit a little unreliable!
    The framed picture is a wonderful idea and it looks good too - I love your little touches that make the caravan so individual and very 'you'.
    Thank you for your visits to mine and I'm sorry I've been a sporadic blogger lately - I'm so glad to see your project is developing so beautifully - and gold star to hubby, as Karen says you make a great team!


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