Monday, February 27, 2017


I finally have something exciting to show you on the trailer!  One of the first things I knew I wanted to do was put reclaimed wood on at least part of the walls. I've had the wood for months and it's the part of the design that I've been most excited about doing - and it's done!  

We still need to put up trim at the top, but aside from that this part of the project is done - what a good feeling to make progress that is actually visually exciting.  As good as it felt to get the roof done, there was never this kind of moment where you step back and say "WHAT a difference".  Here's a "before" picture.

 This is the other side. I love these old porcelain lights we got on our trip to Murphy's last Fall - something else I've been really excited about having installed, and I just love them against the wood.

I've gotten a little jewelry made as well, still having fun with it. 

 And lastly, a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my parents a couple of hours North and we had a break in rain and took a drive to see a waterfall and the Shasta Dam, which fortunately isn't having any issues like the Oroville Dam is a few hours South. Thought I'd share a few pics.

Such a gorgeous valley, but not sure I'd want to live directly beneath the dam - standing in the same spot for these two pics - just taken at different angles!

The whole valley would be under water if it broke - but still, looking at it standing over you every day....  It's been a long time since water has needed to be released from the dam like this.

SO much water flowing down from the mountains, with all the rain we've had.


  1. What amazing vastness there is to your photographs.... I agree living close by the dam might give you a few sleepless nights... totally beautiful though.

    LOVE the wooden walls on Canned Ham.... and the lights. It is going to be so delightfully snug :)

    More lovely jewellery... what unique pieces you have created. I am in a state of happy anticipation about my WIP! No pressure ;)

    Karen xxx

  2. OH! I LOVE the wood! Your little tiny wheeled home is going to be AMAZing!! I just got back from a trip in ours, I only wish it was as adorable!! Oh, and gorgeous jewelry too! xoxo


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