Friday, June 26, 2015

Portrait Love

I'm taking an online portrait class from Kate Thompson, which I'm thoroughly enjoying, although I'm a terrible online student I have to admit, and pretty much only do the lessons that look fun to me.  Fortunately I find most of hers fun, and so have been working through some of them.  Below are some of the results.

various pencils, charcoal

I've found that I just really enjoy doing portraits - they're just fun to me, once I get going.  For some reason it always takes willpower for me to get into my studio and start, but once I get into them, they're just FUN.  Add a little shading here, remove a little here, move a line a little and all of a sudden there's a completely new expression, it fascinates me how the smallest changes can make such a difference.  And I love that moment when I'm working on one and suddenly it turns from marks or paint on paper to a real person looking back at me.

Charcoal, gesso, pastel

This is another painting I did on one of my old prescription ledger pages after my first attempt at gelli-plating them (has that actually become a verb yet?)  Anyway, the pages do make for fun, textured backgrounds.


  1. Fabulous work Teri...especially that last piece, such a warm gently face :D XXX

  2. The beauty of online classes is that you can pick and choose which lessons you want to do :)

    Your portraits are super - you're so right about how a little line/shading can make such a difference.

    The last girl on the old prescription ledger is darling (and gelli plating is definitely a verb in my world!). Beautiful expression and colours.


  3. Gorgeous work Terri, but the last one is just stunning - she's so delicate and beautiful, and I'd love to know what she's thinking! I love your gelli printing - it's so subtle and gentle and very different to the bright bold printing that is so popular with gelli printers!

  4. I too love the last one. Its so beautiful. You are already such a skillful portrait artist I'm sure this course will take you to new heights.

  5. I love all your sketches very much....

    Pick and choose .... sounds the right way to me :)

    Karen x


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