Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixed Bag

My sister had requested that I make her an owl painting for her birthday (well, actually, she asked for it for Christmas, but she got it for her birthday).  I've now given it to her so I can post it  - this was bigger than what I usually do, 18 X 24 I think, and was a lot of fun.  Lots of layers...

This is an assemblage piece I also had a lot of fun with.  I haven't done much of this kind of thing in a long time - I tend to accumulate too many pieces that I then have to figure out what to do with (and god forbid maybe actually try and sell), so I've been focusing on other things for a while.  But I have quite a collection of misc vintage treasure (to me they're treasure anyway)  and had fun going through them to put this together.

I imagine that these were all belongings of the girl in the tintype, that her name began with M and that these were all beloved items of hers.  I love this little broken remnant of a tiny old doll

This is a pastel I did on a page from a very old French book - the paper is so delicate I didn't want to use any water at all so I did it in pastels.  After I downloaded the picture I actually re-worked it since I didn't like her expression, it's amazing how changing her eyebrows completely changed her.  But I forgot to take another picture!

These are a few sketches I've done in my little kraft paper sketchbook, 

I feel a Marionette phase coming on....These are sketches of amazing real Marionettes I found online.


  1. Terri, every single creation is truly a piece of art. You're so creative!

  2. I love your owl. Your sister must be delighted!

  3. Holy moly!! You MUST join instagram and post these lovely drawings! The more people who see them the better! Really really interesting and textury and I love the kraft paper.

    That owl...? ...JEALOUS!

  4. Lucky sister :)

    I love your assemblage piece and especially that amazing sketch below.

    Your marionettes look like they want to come out of the screen and play!

    Karen x

  5. Oh that owl is totally delightful - I love the background texture and the beautiful colours - your sister must be thrilled. The assemblage piece is everything I love - rusty, vintage and quirky (sounds like me!) - I love that you've woven a little story around the girl, it brings her to life. And of course your drawings are amazing - especially the pastel face - just beautiful.

  6. Fabulous owl! The assemblage really does tell a story, I love it.

    What a darling little face on the old book text. It'd be interesting to see the 'improved' version too.


  7. Wow, you have been busy..That owl is wonderful, your sister must be thrilled :D XXX


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